Unifying Theory; Anon, LV, Q and AZ

Introduction to Unifying Theory A unifying theory takes bits and pieces of information and attempts to connect them into one, uniform definition encompassing a larger collection of seemingly unrelated information. As halieusmedia pointed out in one of our articles published June 10, 2018 titles … Continue reading

VOP: Public Charities

Due to the recent flood of cash-value, gift cards and truckloads of donated material to "Veterans on Patrol Alpha Team Pulaski (VOP) in the Tuscon Arizona area and the lack of clear, transparent information to the public; Halieus Media has done further research regarding the rules and regulations … Continue reading

Tuscon, VOP and Facts

#NSFW - Disclaimer: Halieus Media has designated this post not safe for work. We chose this due to the subject. No graphic content is displayed in this article. We wanted to give you a heads up in case viewing this material presents a problem at work. We have not designated it #NC17 because there … Continue reading